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Thread: SIMMSA - SIMulation MotorSports Association - INTRODUCTION

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    Exclamation SIMMSA - SIMulation MotorSports Association - INTRODUCTION

    hello to all SimRacers, we want to take this opportunity to introduce SIMMSA to all SimRacers around the globe. A SimRacing eSports Platform created by SimRacers, in an effort to bring all SimRacers from around the globe, from all platforms together in one place and with a forum to providing help, support and know-how on both sides of all sims (developers and users).

    What we want to achieve is getting sim/game developers, studios and companies - to realize how committed we are as SimRacers to this genre and to them, and that we need more in depth MULTILPLAYER sessions, events, series and championships, which are controlled and hosted by them/ their servers - so SimRacers can participate in amateur and professional events, clubs, nationally, internationally and creating live eSports events just like other genres have had for many years already.

    SimRacing has the potential, especially with real Motorsports involved, real race drivers involved and virtual racers given the chance to participate in real life -> all SimRacers in road, oval, karting, rally and drifters are looking for eSports events, MP sessions, events, clubs, series and championships to participate in.

    It is worth the effort and we will try to do our best to create something new, fresh approach to SimRacing around the world.

    our forum:

    and our website:

    see you on track and god speed!
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