I have most of my previously run cars at Dubai National redone. I had screen shots of my setups on some of them saved so I manually entered the setups, saved me a little work Still do not understand why my saved profiles didn't, ended up deleting everything and starting over. Anyway, I decided to try the Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO, this car is mostly abandoned on the TT since 2015/16, it is a difficult car. I used the -1.7 camber at Dubai National and managed a WR and also a WR at Silverstone National using this camber. I have run some -3.4 camber tracks with moderate success for me, improved my previous PB's and tried some new tracks as well. Still using the default 100% differential lock, don't know enough about this car to try adjusting this parameter. The car snaps backwards on corner entry sometimes if I apply the excess pressure of a butterfly wing on the brake or have the steering angle at 0.001 off when applying throttle. My arms are sore.
attached is the Silverstone setup.
Attachment 238590