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Thread: Anyone running a Ryzen Processor?

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    Anyone running a Ryzen Processor?

    Is anyone running a ryzen processor? If so, what kind of frames are you getting. I hearing conflicting reports on what kind of CPU project cars likes. On one hand there are reports that Ryzen is "heavily multi-threaded" which would favor ryzen over and on the other all the old benchmarks when project cars came out only show a 4-5 frame difference between an i5 and an i7.

    The only benchmark I could find with modern cpus was here,4987-6.html.

    That one shows the quad core i7 7700k really out performing Ryzen(8c16t) AND the i7-6900k(8c16t). I take it with a grain of salt as this is the only modern benchmark I have read and AMD has been putting out new drivers and optimizations, plus tom's hardware isn't what I would consider the pinnacle of computer hardware benchmarks.
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    PC is showing the i5-7600K, as being faster than all of the Ryzens, in Project Cars (which is the same result as TomsHardware).

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