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Thread: Lemons Sears Point Variant

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    Lemons Sears Point Variant

    The assets were all available in PC1, the track is already there, named Sonoma Raceway, because you guys are being accurate. I am a Luddite, so I call it Sears Point. Please include the Lemons variant in PC2 (or PC1 if you feel like being awesome).

    The idea is to include the traditional hairpin to finish off the course, you know the one that's on the inside of pitlane, but also to include the chicane before the final 2-3 turns of the course. Basically include the chicane from the last few turns of Sonoma Raceway National, but finish the track with the U turn from Sonoma Raceway Short or GP, please please please please PLEASE.

    You have the track modeled in both variants, you just have it sectioned off in ways to prevent me and my friends from driving the variant we want. Please include in the next version.
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