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Thread: PSVR support

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    Haven't seen that'd need to take that up with Sony as SMS have always been upfront about the fact that that psvr isn't something they are pursuing but haven't ruled it out in totally .
    In other words PS4 hasn't got the Cojones
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    Thanks for the reply Max. Well that is dreadful news and Sony will be refunding me as they have and still are clearly advertising the game with VR support on the PS Store. I have only recently invested in the PSVR and was looking for more games as I love Dirt Rally in VR. Disgusting Sony can just bandy around false claims. Sure WMD should contact them also.

    Thanks again Max

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    Doesn’t has the cojones? Driveclub VR and Dirt Rally VR run pretty darn good on it. Ok, Dirt rally isn’t online with other Cars and Driveclub has it’s nulber of Zi opponents cut to 12 (i believe, don’t remember), but if they let the multiplayer away and put only the career/time trial etc, all the offline stuff in it with let’s say max 10 AI opponents...
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    PSVR support would be nice, and i would buy the game if it had it. I originally bought a wheel and Project Cars 1 because they said it would support it. I am getting Gran Turismo Sport instead and will look forward to playing Project Cars 3 on the PS5 next gen when consoles can handle VR better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPS-3 View Post
    Doesn’t has the cojones?...
    SMS wants full functionality on VR. The complex code of the livetrack3.0, seasons, weather, complex car and tire physics, great graphics eats up all the resources and the PS4 just doesn't have the guts for VR on top of it.

    Driveclub is basic. Even GT Sport will have very, VERY limited functionality in VR.
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