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Thread: Will my Fanatec CSR work on PS4 with PCars 2?

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    Cronus Max device seems like the best solution. The force feedback actually works. Plus there's the added benefit of being able to use a Xbox gamepad with a PS4 console (or vice versa). Just requires a little bit of fluffing around with a USB hub and USB cables.

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    Anyone here with a previous gen wheel wanting to use it on current gen consoles needs to get the new Drivehub by Collective Minds ( same creators of the cronusmax.)

    It works exactly as it should. Force Feedback works perfect. Simply plug and play. I have had mine a week or so and totally impressed. I've played Forza, Driveclub, and Project Cars 1 with it and it just works flawlessly.

    My first post here so it's not going to let me leave a link.

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