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Thread: Random Online Disconnects?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remco Van Dijk View Post
    BTW do all plants die in her house, too? Doesn't really sound right to me...
    Na they're perfectly healthy and glowing green
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    Quote Originally Posted by IlSHIFTYlI 91 View Post
    I have been getting randomly disconnected in the past week this game has turned into one of the worst online games ever
    There do seem to be a few more disconnects than usual over the past few days. In my experience this is more likely to be a microsoft/xbox issue than a project cars issue. Hang in there - it will get better
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    This happened to both me and my son last night. 2 XBox One consoles at the same time. He was playing some online multi-player and I was racing at Silverstone. Suddenly the wheel stopped responding and the video froze. I could still hear the game and the sounds of my resultant crash into the fence. After about 10 seconds the game picked up again and there I was: in the fence. My son then asked if I'd been disconnected too because it had just happened to him. It then happened again about 30 seconds later but was then fine for the rest of the session. I assumed it was an XBox Live issue. It's not Wifi because his XBox is connected with a LAN cable.


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