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Thread: My first online race ..... many questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkraft300 View Post
    Not between qualifying and race, the break is too short showing the timing board/qualifying results. But during qualifying and practice you can tweak all you like. It's a "parc ferme" situation. Some options are restricted depending on the car.

    My theory is that lobby host may have forced default setup only, so everybody would have to run the same game default setup.
    In that mode, the pit strategy as well as car tuning is locked out.
    Knowing the incompetence of the pit crew, this causes problems.
    I think you are right, i was surprised i could not make changes in qualifying. Did a few laps including one hot lap and wanted to make a few changes but all greyed out.

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    Forced default it was then definitely.
    What I hate about that is it sets ffb default too and blocks pit strategy.
    In longer races I've had to pit 3 times before they changed my tyres then put wrong pressures in them -_-

    Penalties are very black and white.

    Leagues are the best for racing online. You'll have a consistent high quality of racers and with the challenge you'll improve yourself.

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    What tire compound were you using?
    What was your tire pressure?
    What was the track and tire temperatures?

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