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Thread: Anything changed?

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    Anything changed?

    Hi, haven't played in about 18 months. Wondering if anything has changed with the set-ups since then, or will my old settings be good to go? Currently trying to fix my G27 and get back on. Thanks.

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    No tyre physics changes since patch 8 from memory.
    Maybe only tyre pressure tweak from your old setups.
    G29 FFB RAW 70-50-5-10

    What tire compound were you using?
    What was your tire pressure?
    What was the track and tire temperatures?

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    Hi yo. I've been away to. I discovered the Soft Steering Damping option for the controller, with a nice tune the thing gets me feeling like I'm driving by intuition and not fighting for calmness mid corner. The games running OK, it did crash when I was having it in the 98T around nurb, but my processor needs repasting!
    Oh there's dlc, PC 2 looks good but I bet there's no jumps in the autocross. Time will tell.

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