Overall Pcars 2 is looking great and so far glad I have pre ordered, but two minor things bugged me with Pcars 1 that I am wondering if they have been/will be changed.

  1. Can I now turn off the engineer subtitles without turning off the engineer completely? I believe I'm right in saying this wasn't possible in Pcars 1, or at least if it is I still haven't figured out how.
  2. When I turn off the starting lights graphic that pops up on the screen before a race, there is audio that plays which counts down to the start as the graphic does. Does turning the starting light graphic off (assuming this is still an option in Pcars2) now turn the audio off as well? I'd like to just use the actual starting lights on the track rather than the graphical ones, and with the audio still there after the graphic is turned off I may as well keep it on.