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    screenshots thread!

    PROJECT CARS 2 Flickr gallery
    website dedicate to our "first" baby.

    PCARS1 aka: kelnor34
    I keep on hand all of my screenshots in .PNG / FULL RES.
    My Flickr gallery
    Capturing tool DXTORY
    BIG thanks, to SMS team & our Community PAINTERS for your HUGE talent!!!
    A very special THX to Marcel Spuehler & Aldo Zampatti.
    Project C.A.R.S 2 config: DSR-4X smooth 8% / AF:16X / SMAA:Off / FXAA:Off
    CPU: I7 860/2,80 GHZ MB: Asus P7P55D GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SC Marcel Spuehler "first owner" RAM: 8GO HDD: 2to OS: win7 (x64)
    BING TRANSLATOR is my best friend here...(maybe).
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