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Thread: Any word on Photo Mode for PS4 ?

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    Whether it's for Xbox or PS4, as I had it on both, the Photo Mode in the first game was horrendous to use because of what the TC said. The camera was painfully slow to move anywhere and it was very rigid, you could barely move it around.

    I read an article earlier on Photo Mode for the second game but it made absolutely no mention of whether this is fixed at all. It mentioned about more filters and all that but all I want is for a smoother experience using it.

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    Looks much better and more intuitive than the first one.

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    Just an update - the new version has a working Photo Mode!!! The sliders move in a normal fashion now! It's like night and day - I love it!

    (But there seems to be a bug where the moveable camera locks up if you try Photo mode again in race. Works the first time, but then... nada. - I hope they can work that out)

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