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Thread: [PC] SimHub - Build your own dash : Arduino, LCD, Nextion, choose !

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    [PC] SimHub - Build your own dash : Arduino, LCD, Nextion, choose !

    SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard, obviously compatible with PCars
    You can compose your very own dash !

    You can find an amazing dash pack made by the Dash Studio Addict @David Meek here :

    Supported games are :
    • ProjectCars
    • Assetto Corsa
    • IRacing
    • Codemasters games (Dirt 4, Dirt 2,Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, F1 20XX)
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck simultator
    • RRE *
    • Rfactor1 *
    • Automobilista (using Rfactor1 plugin)
    • Rfactor2 *
    • LFS *
    • RBR *
    • GTR1 *
    • GT Legends *
    • GTR2 / Race*
    • Race07 *
    • Trackmania *
    • War thunder *

    * Some games have missing data and does not provide full SimHub features.
    I do not give support for non legit game copies.

    It's living here :

    Help and support
    A discord server has been opened with the great help of @BuToNz, do not hesitate to come say hello, If you want advices on SimHub, arduino, dashstudio, perfs, troubleshoot ... tips and more, that's where you should go

    Documentation and bug tracker

    Some demo videos

    A playlist of user videos of SimHub in action :

    Choose your flavour !

    Arduino flavour
    • Up to 6 Simple 8 * 7 segments modules
    • Up to 6 TM1638 module : 8 * 7 segments modules and leds (TM1638)
    • Rgb Leds
    • Led matrix gear indicator
    • 7 segment dedicted gear indicator
    • LCD Support
    • Nextion LCD touchscreen
    • Tachometer
    • And growing !

    On screen flavour
    With the dash studio plugin build your, own on screen display with a wysywg editor, attach an additional screen and get the exact dash of your dreams !
    Keep in touch ... mobile version of dash studio is coming !

    Nextion flavour
    Ideal for DIY wheel , embed a cheap (but powerful) screen !

    Simhub is customisable ! Most of the behaviours and displays can be customized using GUI.

    What ? You did not found what you where looking for ?

    Still lot of possibilities !
    • Maybe it's already available ! Ask for support I'll be happy to answer you !
    • You can create new data using simple furmula engine, maybe you were just missing tires temp in Fahrenheit ... You can add it by yourself !

    Still not enough ?
    A C# Plugin SDK is available for extensibility. SimHub gives you game data, use it for what you want ! Starting your coffee machine when you're going through your 15th lap should be possible !
    Although I think that it's already possible in some ways

    Want to go fast and have a nice dash ?
    Maybe you could 3d print it ! Go to my thingiverse page, you could find what you're looking for
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    I have used many Dash Software and this is by far one of the best the design software is amazing unlimited possibilitys , the support from Wotever and others at discord is great they go out of there way to help u create your perfect dash
    U dont no what ur missing
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