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Thread: Road Cars Trofeo Soft tyres

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    Road Cars Trofeo Soft tyres

    They haven't been the best option in pc1. They have no optimum hot pressure window; they behave weird, with weird slip angle tolerances, and the etc most of you will probably know of these, which were supposed to be the semi-slick version tyres for production cars.

    You know street mediums are ubber fun, and to witness how they stand severe drifting maneuvers over many laps on high pressures is so satisfying. But some other times you want more grip for a driving experience change on factory cars, and the trofeo softs have been far from delivering in pc1 most definitely.

    How are they faring now in pc2?. They behaviour fixed already for granted corner speed and confidence when pushing hard?. They still so weird?

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    I cannot comment on what you mean by "weird behavior", but all tires will be different for PC2.
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