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Thread: [RESOLVED] My games won't recognize Logitech G29 wheel, pedals or shifter

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    Question [RESOLVED] My games won't recognize Logitech G29 wheel, pedals or shifter

    First of all, I am exhausted from trying, but I won't give up, as I look here for additional help.

    I am new here, so thanks for having me, very much appreciated. I installed Project CARS 1 on my PC today, and connected my Logitech G29, pedals and gearshifter. Windows installed the necessary drivers, it turns up in Device Manager, and in Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Windows recognizes it as it automatically calibrates the wheel. I have set the hardware button to "PS4", and I can even calibrate the wheel in Properties. I've also installed the latest version of Logitech Gaming Software and the correct wheel shows up there, and I can map the buttons on it. I've tried connecting it to both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.

    But no games registers the wheel.

    I first tried Euro Truck Simulator 2 but my wheel isn't listed in the settings, then I installed and went into Project Cars, and while I can navigate the menus because I mapped the buttons in Logitech Gaming Software, nothing else works. I've chosen G29 seperated pedals in Options but neither wheel nor pedals or shifter works when I go into a race. I've tried calibrating in the game but it doesn't register the wheel or pedals, and I've tried assigning throttle, brake and clutch to my pedals but that doesn't work either.

    I went on to completely uninstall and install the drivers and Logitech Gaming Software, and I even tried only connecting the wheel after I started up Project Cars but that didn't work either.

    So I am not only exhausted, but also really at a point where I don't know what to do, to get my games to recognize my Logitech G29. I hope some of you experts on here can help me out or come up with suggestions I could try out next. Thank you for reading through my post and putting aside a little time for this issue.
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