Hi, merry Christmas and whatnot...

...Would anyone happen to know how to (best) make switching between a Logitech G27 and controller workable? As is switching wipes one or both of the key configs and prevents either control scheme from working until both Project Cars and Steam are restarted.
Bit of relevent background... I can't use the wheel due to a spinal injury and my mum can't use a controller due to tendonitis, we've just scraped together a modest upgrade to play a driving sim over Christmas after a pretty difficult time for both of us, so there's a bit of pressure to get it sorted out, for visitors on Christmas eve lol.
I also have that janky ass Logitech Software but it's not currently installed (it didn't seem to make any difference other than the launch issue), and our upgrade isn't powerful enough to switch to PC2

I've had a bit of a look on here and I get there probably isn't a fix to make it perfect, but any sort over improvement to having to close down both the game and Steam then having to reconfigure key assignments would be massively appreciated. Thanks and stay awesome peepholes.

And if any devs happen to read this, this almost seems personal with how superb the rest of the game is, I'm sorry if I've wronged you in a past life lol.