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Thread: Steering, throttle and brake-input API

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    Steering, throttle and brake-input API

    I've been wondering for a while if there is any simple way to give inputs to Pcars via e.g. a REST api? My guess is that this is not possible, because the shared memory probably only supports output and not input. If this is the case: Does anybody have any good ideas on how this could be achieved?

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    The only way I can think of would be to mimic the protocol of a wheel or game controller.
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    The API, both shared memory and UDP, is read-only.

    If you'd like to provide input, you'd have to mock the actual inputs. I honestly don't know how "encrypted" the various platforms are when it comes to their input devices.
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    Sending stuff into the game would be especially locked down on consoles. It was somewhat amazing when we first discovered that we were allowed to output data via UDP on the PS4 (has anyone else done that yet?)

    pC1 supporting 'unsupported' wheels on PS4 was also a bit of a pain point that I'm guessing won't be repeated for the sequel, which is loosely the category this request seems to fit into.

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    I actually just need this for PC. It is related to a project where I'm interested in trying to drive a car via e.g. python or some other language. So I need to find a way to emulate a steering wheel - giving steering position, gas pedal position and brake pedal position.

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