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Thread: From Beginner to Pro (Learning Curve Advice?)

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    I think one of the most important things is to learn the track first, get your breaking, entry and exit spot on without pushing the limit. While i feel having assists on initially will help you, it comes to a point where you get so used to them that when you turn them off it leads to frustration. Go without any assist's for a good few TT runs at the same track same car etc. Slow and steady take your time and the speed will come later.

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    The single bit of advice that made the biggest difference to my skill level was from Ben Collins book, How to Drive.

    The bit in question was about focussing on the vanishing point of the track; with is the farthest part of the track you can see from where you are currently.

    In short it's about looking past the corner you are in and onto the next one. This is also the reason you should turn off the racing line assist as soon as you know the track layout (or even sooner) as it will only distract you from doing g this and focus your attention back to the bit of tarmac 5ft in front of you instead of the bit 50ft ahead you should be looking at.

    The problem with looking to the apex after you've already turned in, means your usually already too late and will miss it. It's all about lining up your trajectory early on (and makes it much easier to brake in a straight line and not lose the car without sc on).

    Once you develop an affinity with the sim (or real car) you will be able to subconsciously steer it and the car will go where you are looking. So by looking further ahead you will start to tie corners together much more effectively.

    The result will be that even if you are going a bit slower through the current turn to compensate for not having abs or SC going, your overall laptime will be quicker.

    It does take some getting used too and might even feel like a step back at first, but slow down a bit and practice practice practice.

    Best place to start is in the slower cars and the Ginetta is perfect for this.
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