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Thread: Latest Oculus update issue

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    Latest Oculus update issue


    The latest Oculus update (app version has reached me today. It seems that it has totally ruined my VR experience which has been pretty satisfying so far. But now the visuals got bitty, the picture jumps sideways a bit so it is not so seamless as it was before the update. This issue concerns all my sims (pCars, R3E, Assetto), just iRacing remained untouched by the issue.

    Has anyone else experienced the same after the update? Maybe some solution?


    It was not the Oculus app update that ruined the experience as I figured out but the Big Screen update. Previously I had no problem with running Big Screen together with my simulator programs but this latest update messed up something.

    Maybe it is a useful piece of information for others suffering from the above written problem.
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