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Thread: Arozzi Sim Sport Recruiting

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    Arozzi Sim Sport Recruiting

    The official Sim Racing Team of Arozzi Gaming Chairs will soon be looking to recruit new drivers for Project Cars 2.

    All potential recruits will be subject to meeting certain criteria including;

    Not currently contracted to any other team or sponsor.
    Able to represent the team in a proactive manner, upholding team values and the image of Arozzi.
    Ability to reliably stream races live via the Official ASRT Facebook page on a regular basis.
    Dedication to achieving the best results possible.
    Candidates with iRacing experience and the ability to race in our iRacing team would also be advantageous but not essential.

    To be shortlisted for initial trials then please post below and we will contact you shortly.

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    Ciao, sarei molto interessato a fare parte di un team, con qualcuno che possa dare una mano sulle messe a punto da applicare.
    Non sono un veterano, ma guido su strada da pił di 15 anni, ho un volante g29.
    Potrei fare una prova a tempo su un circuito, non sono un esperto o un professionista, ma me la cavo e mi piacerebbe dimostrare le mie capacitą.

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    Hi Niko,

    From Google Translate it looks like you would be interested in joining us. PLease drop by our new website to register with us and get to know the other guys.


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