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Thread: [UK] [XBO] Anyone else have renewed faith?

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    [UK] [XBO] Anyone else have renewed faith?

    We tried really hard to embrace pC1, but sadly, to get our little community race fix, we had to jump over to F6.

    This year we've re-built our forums, faster, simpler, more virtual racing oriented & from the get go we fully planned to be F7 focused.

    Last week... it turned upside down we've all cancelled Forza 7 pre-orders & we're placing the chips on Project CARS 2 Deluxe instead.

    We really want to support SMS, and this year, if the devs clips are on the mark & release is reasonably smooth, we're going to try again!

    Are you in the same boat? or sat on the fence?

    If you are & your mature (typically 30+), looking for a competitive UK based home, feel free to wander over and join in.

    You'll find us at where we'll be hosting weekly races, TTs and even a full 2017/18 competitive Championship Tournament.

    Oh! and if you do, grab an XFR Race License! It not only stores your race incident points but also lets you update your pCARS license status too

    Good luck SMS, we have faith!
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