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Thread: Time Trial groups for Xbox One

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    ok, lets keep this nice and simple lol.

    If you set a PB at Spa in a FA car then that time is added to the 'open wheel class / Spa' leaderboard.

    If you then want to set a time in a FC car to compare against other FC racers you cannot do that because the leaderboard only stores one time for all cars grouped within the open wheel class at Spa. In this instance it's for the much quicker FA.

    To get around this you can do one of two things:
    1. Create x1 leaderboard for every single car on every single track. Obviously the easiest way - but not possible on XB1 because of useage restriction.
    2. Implement a system within the game that allows all cars WITHIN THEIR RESPECTIVE CLASS to submit a time on a single leaderboard for each track.

    So, from the above example you will have 5 entries (one for each open wheel class vehicle) on a single leaderboard at Spa.

    It's then just a simple task of a pull down tab on the Spa leaderboard to ''sort by' (''group by"...whatever) whichever veicle you want from the class list. The game then selects every identical car within the combined open class list and creates a brand new leaderboard in exactly the same way you click a button and filter current lederboards by friends only. Effectively you have 5 leaderboards in 1, controlled by a simple tab system. A really effective way of ensuring a greater amount of leaderboards within restricted enviroment

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    Ahh ok, simplification worked! Your idea is based on ONE MAHOOSIVE! (not a word I know, but it should be!), database containing every single (car class) time from every single racer at each track location, in order to filter a summary leaderboard. In other words upwards of 200 huge! db's for someone to manage.

    I've dusted off my old calculator (literally) and if you imagine title success and many million of racers in its lifetime (good luck SMS!), then multiple platforms each with their own time databases multiplied by the number of car classes (54 last time I counted) by the number of possible users... WOW!

    Think about 200 of them per platform & I guess you can see why SMS wouldn't go that route. Any single db could easily contain many millions of records over its lifetime.

    There's some huge practical considerations for such a system, not least the sort and filter times for multiple concurrent global users (I should say I come from a commercial IT background, heavily db based) so my comment doesn't come from the corner of a damp bedroom shoe cupboard lol

    Clearly though SMS deliver what they can and believe to be the optimum, within the restrictions they have to work with.

    4 to go... just 4!
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