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Thread: Force feedback explained. Configuration settings for all cars and tips

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    Thanks for your reply, it helps me understand the FFB a little more.

    Quote Originally Posted by pferreirag60 View Post
    5) with my wheel i can feel pretty good the lost of grip but only when using the jack spade files with the following settings: 100:50-80:0:20, when i loose traction, the wheel just loose all the FFB.
    What wheel are you using? For me the point isnt really if other people experience the same. I can also feel understeer quite well. But rather I wanted to know if the vibration is the actual tire model simulating grip-loss and regaining grip, or that it is some random noise caused by whatever not-real effect.

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    Is there a way to save for each car the FFB settings? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by OlivierMDVY View Post
    Is there a way to save for each car the FFB settings? Thanks
    Nope. Not in the FFB menu per se.

    But I'll share how I do it. There's 3 things that affect the FFB in a somewhat standard way*:
    1. Caster
    2. Steering Ratio
    3. Camber

    I view them that way:
    1. RAG/RAB
    2. Deadzone removal range
    3. Volume(Tire Force)

    Lower caster if you're clipping under load in a curve.
    Lower steering ratio if you have an FFB deadzone near TDC.
    Move camber a bit up or down depending on how much wheel weight you want.

    Of course, other garage settings affect the FFB. But personally, I think those 3 have the most direct effect on the FFB, without disturbing the performance of your setup too much. The only one you might not be able to move as much as you want is Camber. Depending on the track, it may be difficult to move them much. At the same time, you don't need to change it much to get the desired FFB effect.

    Hope this helps.
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    All platform and wheels: Official Force Feedback Guide
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    Kart 100CC 2011 has blank fields. Any particular reason for that? What settings should I have for it?

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