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Thread: [RESOLVED] Changes in brake/tyres physics?

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    Question [RESOLVED] Changes in brake/tyres physics?

    Hi guys,
    lately i'm having big problems with brake-locking, especially on my GT3 class Porsche.
    I can't undersand why but in the last week i lock the front in every hard braking, and it (quite) never happen before, also i can see big white smoke in my mirror, and also this never happen before.
    The setup is always the same, i also tried the stock preset, lowering brake pressure, abs, weight distribution but nothing. Also re-calibrate brake pedal into option menů)

    One thing i noticed is that in public multiplayer lobbies, the temp were akways around 28° air and 39° for asphalt, a bad threshold for me. I always keep in mind this:
    <30°-40°=soft tyres
    >30-40°=hard tyres

    I'm forced to use hard compound for races with this T, and im the only one who smokes under braking.
    The strange thing is that i'm not so much slower than 1 week ago, this thing is driving me crazy!!

    There must have been changes, otherwise I'm going crazy!

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    What is your current brake pressure and brake bias setup options?
    Also is ABS enabled? You may think it is, but could have been accidentally disabled, better make sure about this.

    Also regarding track temps, for 30-40C, I think I would always still use hards, on most tracks, except maybe for the very high speed ones. Not very experienced with GT3s, but generally I think you'd use softs when below 20-25C.

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    Ignore the smoke and check your brake temps to see if they're locking, if you really can't tell otherwise. Abs is an option. Also maybe adjust brake sensitivity or pressure.
    I always use soft tires unless they are close to 100c tire temp after 3-4 laps in practice. Then I go to hard.
    G29 FFB RAW 100-40-5-10

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    Thank you guys for help...i f**d up something from option menů! Now is fine!
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