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Thread: Various Bugs

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    Various Bugs

    Offline experience has been trouble free for me but online.... Well that's starting to grate on me.
    As you can imagine it does when you spend 15 minutes in practice, 15 minutes in qualifying to have the track either not load for the race or the start/finish lights not come on.

    -Can't ready up
    -Track goes into infinite loading
    -90% of the online field disconnects and cars are left on track
    -HUD disables its self has to be re-enabled
    -Game crashes, ALT Tab to desktop then renders everything including desktop frozen
    -Online races sometimes have random stuttering, kills the race entirely and the immersion
    -Start lights do not show

    Yes I understand development and 'small' release week bugs

    but these are not small bugs.

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    This is a good report, for the most part, but If you want to report an issue, use the following steps:

    1. Make sure you have updated your platform on your forum profile to reflect the game platform you are using.
    2. Search the forum using keywords for your issue. Verify there isn't a thread already started for your issue.
    3. If there is another thread, add your situation to the thread as more details always helps SMS diagnose issues.
    4. If there isn't a thread started, create one using a useful and descriptive title. Then add as much detail to the issue as you can in the body of the message, including screenshots, video or repo steps to help SMS and the staff understand the issue.
    5. Lastly, one issue per thread.
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