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Thread: Logitech G29 unresponsive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martinbooker View Post
    Hi Shogun613, can you post your settings please and give us a car / track combo to try ?
    And what was your source for the game? Download or disk?
    Regards, George
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    Me too with problems... it is difficult to explain, some kind of erratic behaviour. Sometimes it seems to be working in a decent way, but others no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shogun613 View Post
    My settings are Informative, pretty much on the default settings. Gain 100, Volume, Tone and FX all at 50.
    All of the circuits I've tried so far feel good, with the Nordschleife feeling the most alive. I have tried one open wheeler, the Formula X - at Imola, and while I didn't feel as much downforce as I used to in PCars 1, I did have decent steering resistance and felt my left front lock up on occasion.
    On all of the circuits I've run, My wheel is constantly giving surface feedback.
    I don't use any USB hubs to connect to my PS4, but I do use a USB extension cable. I have a digital copy of the game, and let it completely install before I started it up. I also made sure to completely calibrate everything before I hit the track...
    Awesome, thanks :-)

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    I'm unsure wether it's the cars I can't handle or the wheel I never had a problems with project cars 1. ANd jac spades settings the wheel was nice and light I've noticed the out of box settings are set up to make people never want to play the game again. Picking up the c63 on the ice track was the worse experience ever

    I've managed to find one cause of the problem the dampening which effects how fast you can turn the wheel was se to 100 which rand it's heavy and hard to turn the easiest of corners I've reduced this to 50 and used the RAW settings tdefault settings to hopefully have the best experience

    Also all diving assists are off although I love the sound of the abs working and kicking in I hope to get the best feel with my wheel with these settings but after atleast 25 starts and only one win and two finish if most I'm hoping they can sort the spinning out problems as I'm struggling to even keep a four wheel drive Audi from spinning

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