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Thread: Crewchief

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    @mr_belowksi I noticed that CrewChief is calling out e.g. "The car behind is pitting" when it is actually leaving the pits. Has this been reported already?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    the "rain approaching" call is made based on changes in the 'cloud brightness' sent by the game - it's just a guess. Is it wildly inaccurate?
    Not sure how helpful this session info is, but it just happened again while the weather transitioned to overcast.

    - Custom offline race
    - Practice
    - Track: Imola
    - Date: 22/06/18
    - Practice length: 1 hour
    - Practice start time: 14:00
    - Time progression: x1
    - Weather progression: sync to race
    - Weather slots: clear, medium cloud, medium cloud, overcast
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    Recently I was trying to enable a Voice Recognition. After some initial problems I mede it working, but left minimum voice confidence set to 0.2.
    Then in the race i asked for fuel status, just out of curiosity. CC probably understood me incorrectly, executing some key macro. in result my seat has moved down/up ending with at a bit higher position then original one. Hopefully I ended the race with no problems. But it would made worse. Actually I'm not sure how to solve the problem of wrongly recognized voice commands translated to macros. It obviously might happen destroying someones race. What about to add confirmation request to all macros? DO you think it's good idea? It could be optionally disabled, for example for native speakers or so. Right now I had to disable macros, also for a reason described bellow.

    I also want to to ask if is it possible to send macros to other devices than keyboard. I'm a VR user. Therefore using keyboard for ICM is no go for me. I have mapped ICM controls to a controller (actually a hat-switch). it's obvious to make macros work, CC should simulate hat-switch presses. Is it achievable for CC?

    With regards.

    PS a page or two back, I reported CC's spotter being active in TimeTrial sessions, reporting ghosts near my car. Bumping the subject just in case you missed them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mascot View Post
    Cross-post from another forum:

    Here's an excellent way to get Crew Chief to come through a headset while keeping the main game audio fed from your TV or amp:

    Totally transforms Crew Chief for me as I can now actually hear the engineer and spotter over my engine. Plus, it's pretty damn cool having CC piped directly into your 'helmet' like a real racing driver. The new spotter voice choices are great too.

    Works like a dream with the Rift's built-in headphones.
    Looks like you gotta be registered to view the link in post.

    Can't find where to set the CC app to hear through the rift. Currently I have the audio in-game set to rift headset, and the sound is coming through both TV and HMD. The CC only comes through the TV which I set to max low. So if I turn my TV up I get the both the game sound and CC through the TV with the rift headset at the same time.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    Also thanks to Mr belowski and an awesome app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaXyM View Post
    CC probably understood me incorrectly, executing some key macro. in result my seat has moved down/up ending with at a bit higher position then original one. Hopefully I ended the race with no problems.
    Exactly this happens to me from time to time in my races. I'm a VR user as well, and it's really the thing you'd never want to happen when you can't even find your keyboard to fix seat position.
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    Crew Chief has stopped working for me after a session completes. There's a few recent comments about it in the PC1 Crew Chief forum so it may be an issue..

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    I noticed "gap behind" and "gap ahead" voice commands do not work when on the last lap of a timed race. not a big deal, other voice commands work fine.

    One cool feature for voice command "always listening" users, would be for crew chief to recognize basic swear words. Mainly because everytime I say "sh*t" after a mistake, crew chief thinks I said shut up and tells me ok no more updates. Also it would be immersive, to have a variety of responses for any of the big swear words like:

    - come on, stay focused
    - we can make up the time, keep your head in the race
    - don't let that get to you
    - oh man, what are you doing?

    that kind of stuff, would be immersive and a surprise easter egg to some users

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