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Thread: Logitech G920 Issues

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    I'm on Xbox, and I've already tried that. I've spent many hours trying to correct these issues. I still stand by my belief that no game should release this broken. It happens irregardless of steering wheel base or in-game settings. There's something wrong with the game.

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    Nothing wrong with the game: If you want a work around, try this: Raw/ 60/ 30/ 78/ 45. The key factor is lowering the gain. (on Console users only)

    Also: In the Logitech profiler, set Center Spring effect to OFF, AND zero %.
    Check box for "Allow game to adjust settings"
    Perform the In-Game wheel calibration like this: Follow the in-game process, and “Turn to 90 degrees from dead center when requested in game”, not 90 on the numbers with the bar in the calibration screen. The
    numbers are irrelevant.

    The more FFB gain you add to the G920, the more it will tend to do odd things like oscillate, or wobble. So, just set it at 60 as above, everything else is up to you.
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    Was a patch ever issued for this problem? I just got the game with my 920 and it is impossible to drive with the wheel oscillating right and left like this.

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