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this game is interesting. most recently the pedal v3 was not calibrated and the vibrating motor worked in the brake. now I calibrated and did not go. I tried the stump calibrated to 900 and automatically. Catalunyan I just had to stop because I did not turn it the way I want it.
When your wheel is being properly recognised by the game, the brake vibration will unfortunately not activate but the throttle vibration will and the FFB/rotation should feel perfect. If you are getting brake vibration then the wheel is in a 'semi-G29' recognition state (it will feel very heavy) and you will need to restart the console and wheel. If you are continuing to have issues with the steering on PC2, I would recommend resetting the wheel in the controller menu and recalibrating, if you still feel that you are understeering then try compensating by reducing the steering ratio in the set up menu while in the pitlane.