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Thread: Jack Spade Custom FFB Files

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    Jack Spade Custom FFB Files

    In pCARS 2 individual car tweaker files are no more, so these are global files, one for all cars. The files contain certain wheel specifics
    like deadzone removal and anti drag and should be set accordingly to type of wheel.

    How to use?
    1. Unpack/copy all files into "My Documents/Project CARS 2" folder.
    2. Delete the SMS default "ffb_custom_settings" file. (Note, the game automatically creates a new file if none is detected at game start)
    3. Activate - relable your selected one to "ffb_custom_settings".
    4. Start the game and select Custom on the FFB flavor menu.

    This posting contents 24 different custom files which are based on RAW at 2 stages of game/FFB development.

    Standard files - with artificial (canned) road noise, moderate bumps/kerbs/grass response (severely more than the SMS 4 custom preset)
    Alternative files - no artificial road noise, more bumps/kerbs/grass response

    An important feature of these files are the Compressor settings and the old PC1 Relative Gain stuff, which better balances the forces
    at all turning angles and driving scenarios and to a certain extent the different types of cars. FFB basically is free of clipping.
    In PC2 now the compressor works just like the ones in the audio world, severely improves the old Soft Clip.
    Custom Files V2.1.3 update Notes:

    1. Vol & Tone list only - DLC Ferrari Essentials Pack added.

    Custom Files V2.1.2 update Notes:

    1. Vol & Tone balance list only - Spirit of Le Mans Pack added.

    Custom Files V2.1.1 update Notes:

    1. Vol & Tone balance list only - Ferrari 488 Challenge added.

    Custom Files V2.1 update Notes:

    1. All Standard and Tire Files - better/cleaner tire scrub effect. Thanks to skoader for discovering an issue in the code.

    2. Vol & Tone Balance List - Porsche Legends DLC added and small corrections on various cars.

    Anti Jolt 2 and Scoop disabled, delete this # in front of corresponding lines to enable. Scoop and Deadzone Removal require
    appropriate values for your type of wheel.

    Custom Files V2.0 update Notes:

    1. Tone (Mz/Fy) and Volume balance - a list of all cars (Notepad++ text file). Improves feel for over/understeer,
    eliminates inconsistencies, steering feels more direct and precise, all cars in the same ballpark.

    2. New set of Custom files - forces directly sampled from the Tires as in PC1, similar to Standard files but
    slightly different feel, slightly reduced compression.

    3. Additional set of Custom files extended with SopDifferential - only to use with corresponding Volume & Tone
    balance, purpose to suppress out of phase issues.
    Improves point #1, fixes issues on many cars that seem odd or even broken...Lamborghini anybody? Detailed info
    text about it inside the zip file.
    Especially many thanks to "skoader", known for his FCM 1.2 tool, for making the additional code work.

    The Files V2.1.3:

    Traditional Files:
    1. standard low comp
    2. standard low comp DD
    3. standard mid comp
    4. standard high comp
    5. alternative low comp
    6. alternative low comp DD
    7. alternative mid comp
    8. alternative high comp
    9. tire low comp
    10. tire low comp DD
    11. tire mid comp
    12. tire high comp

    SopDifferential Files:
    13. - 24. As above + SopDiff.

    Jack Spade Custom Files

    Suggested FFB setting: Gain 100, FX 50 ( FX to taste, lower with alternative file), Volume & Tone balance list.

    FFB is directly derived from physics, thereīs no special feature to emphasize over or understeer.
    Tone - more or less balances Mz/Fy and generally should stay at default 50.
    FX - controls the level of bumps, kerbs, grass, scrub and road noise, level to taste.
    Gain - always at 100, use Volume to adjust the global FFB level to taste.

    Checking different files requires restart of the game each time an other file is activated or/and edited, session restart is not enough.

    Reference - use the Porsche 911 GT3 or McLaren 650S GT3 at Oulton Park and Fuji, these are laser scanned tracks and have the natural road texture and
    normaly donīt require the artificial road noise effect of the standard files.
    Silverstone and Imola are non laser scanned tracks and are pretty flat and boring maybe, ideal to check what the road noise files do.

    Note, with the suggested global settings and in combo with the custom files FFB is severely stronger than with any of the SMS flavors, the alternative
    files tend to cause oscillation, so always keep your hands on the wheel.

    Also note, I decided to disable the "Anti Jolt" feature, due to the degrading side effect it has on the vast majority of cars that are not affected
    by the issue anyway, to enable delete this "#" in the corresponding lines.
    Last edited by Jack Spade; 16-09-2018 at 15:26.
    System: Win 10 Pro , i7 8700k, MSI Z 370 Pro, 16 GB ram Gigabyte GTX 1080,, Fanatec CSW V2.5 (FW 317, Driver 292), CSP V2, Buttkicker/SimVibe

    PC 2 - Custom Files here:
    PC 1 - V3.1.1 - FFB Tweaker Files here:
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    standard mid comp with tx felt amazing, SMS needs to hire you.

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    I also have the TM TX wheel and your right, the standard mid comp are excellent! Thanks for letting us know how great they work with the TX wheel! What a difference!..With the out of the box setup I couldn't feel anything. Also, your right, they should hire Jack Spade to do their force feedback in game. Thanks Jack, I very much appreciate the work you did for us to enjoy the game!

    Quote Originally Posted by IlIlSHADOWlIlI View Post
    standard mid comp with tx felt amazing, SMS needs to hire you.
    Processor/Components: Intel I7 7700K @ Stock - RAM:EVGA 16B GB DDR4 3200 - MB: MSI Z270 GAMING PRO - Video: EVGA GTX 980Ti 6GB - Monitor:HP OMEN 2560 X 1440 @75Hz (32" QHD) - VR:Oculus Rift Controller:Thrustmaster TX Wheel with add-on's, Ferrari F1 Wheel, Ferrari 599XX EVO 30, Ferrari GTE 458 Challenge Edition, TH8A Shifter - Pedals: ClubSports V1 Gaming Cockpit: Obutto Ozone First Generation with Single Monitor Mount
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    I don't see the ffb_custom_settings file in my pcars2 folder, anyone can help me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qc-marcus View Post
    I don't see the ffb_custom_settings file in my pcars2 folder, anyone can help me ?
    Play the game for the first time and then close it. Go back to "Documents\Project cars 2" and there should be some files including custom settings txt.
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    Please hire Jack Spade!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by IlIlSHADOWlIlI View Post
    standard mid comp with tx felt amazing, SMS needs to hire you.

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    Second Rig: CPU Q6600@2,80GHz | GPU Nvidia GTX 460 1GB | RAM 4GB DDR2 800Mhz | MB ASUS P5Q SE2 | HDD WD SATA 320GB | O.S. Win 7 64bit
    STEAM ID: Bealdor

    The forum search is a powerful tool, if you know how to use it...

    Please check out our Project CARS 2 FAQ and Tips

    PCARS 1 Known Issues threads: PC / PS4 / XB1
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    Thanks for your consistent support Jack!. Stickied

    EDIT: Ninjaed??
    Systems tested with Project CARS 2:
    Core i7 4790K - nVidia GTX 1080ti - 16GB RAM (Desktop)
    Core i7 7700HQ - nVidia GTX 1050 - 16GB RAM (Laptop)
    Core i7 6700HQ - nvidia GTX 980m - 8GB RAM (Laptop)
    Core i5 4670K - 2x AMD 7970 - 16GB RAM (Desktop)
    Core i7 4700HQ - nVidia 970M - 16GB RAM - (Laptop)

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    shared on other forums as well
    My feedback is always on default setup unless stated otherwise. Auto-Clutch is OFF
    Still hoping for Estoril one day

    | CPU: i5 8600K@5GHz | GPU: MSI GTX1080 Gaming X 8GB (397.31) (OC: +70/+450) | Mobo: Asus Prime Z370-p
    | RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 GoodRam Iridium 2400Mhz | PSU: Corsair TX850M | OS: Win10 x64 | Sound: Onboard Realtek ACL887 | C:\>: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
    [B]| Monitor:[/B] 3x IPS LG23EA63 @5760x1080 (Bezel Corrected) -- HTC VIVE

    | Wheel: CSWv2 + CSPv3(usb) + CSS SQv1.5 - (driver v310 - fw 455) | Damping: 100 | 900š
    | In game: Deadzones: 0 |Sensitivity: 50 | Damping: 0
    | Wheel Profile: Sens: Aut | FF: 100 | SHo: 100 | ABS: 0 | Dri: OFF | For: 100 | Spr: 100 | Dpr: 100

    | FFB: RAW|Gain: 100 | Volume: 50 | Tone: 50 | FX: 50 [B]

    | Visual FX: Default except Interion Flare: Off
    | Performance - Aniso: 16x | MSAA: Medium | Vsync: Off | Grass: Low | Envmap/Reflections/Shadows: Low/medium/low | Car/Track: High | Blur: Off
    | E. Mirrors: Yes | Particles: High/High | SS: 1.2 | Sharpening Strength/Clamp: 0.6/0.045
    | Driving assists: ABS/TC, maybe - SC always OFF
    | CmdLine: -ffb600 -skipcrowds
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    I tried these with my OSW and tried the alt ones which feel great. I turned tone up a bit to 70 and reduced FX to 0 as it was plenty bumpy enough!

    I found the feedback a bit weak especially the SAT with the default setup, this really brings it alive.

    Thank you!

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