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Thread: Jack Spade Custom FFB Files

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    Hi Jack

    I have just noticed on the Vol & Tone sheet that there are no entries from C to F. Is there a page missing?

    Your tunes are brilliant, thanks for allowing me to enjoy Pcars 2

    Kind Regards

    Gipper (neil)

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    Jack Spade Custom FFB Files

    Put the isec.txt into the same folder as the dat files are. I suppose you did it but just to be sure...
    If you delete the DAT files and start KLN does it work normally or starts the Update? If it works, then find my posts about problem with Vista Virtual Store.
    You can also try the stand alone utility to reindex the files. You can find it in the sticky posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McErono View Post
    SimCube Configuration Tool:
    Overall Strength 90%
    Reconstruction Filter 5
    TBW 1500hz (don't go over 680hz if you use a Mige)
    Damping 2
    Friction 1.5

    I'm trying to understand how to setup SimuCUBE Configuration Tool for PC2 game. You are writing that TBW should not go over 680Hz for Mige motor so as I understand this is not only game dependent but also servo motor dependent settings.

    How should I know which parameters are ok for my servo Mige 130ST-M06025 (holding torque=6Nm, peak torque=18Nm)? Where should I start to search for more information about this topic?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Spade View Post
    The files contain certain wheel specifics like deadzone removal and anti drag and should be set accordingly to type of wheel.
    How should I know if Augury OSW Kit 18Nm with Biss-C encoder support "deadzone removal" or "anti drag"... I don't get it. I can't find in user guide of the wheel such terms.

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    Hello, i bought a g29 some days ago and this is my first wheel and racing game and i'm so lost with ffb settings.

    I found this amazing post but there are so many files and settings! Wow.

    Someone can just tell me a good starting point for my wheel? Actually i'm playing career mode with GT5 and the default ingame ffb settings.


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    Ha jack,

    Prob. you have seen the fanalab software, its really good, but I think everybody wants to know your settings.

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    Logitech g29 settings

    Quote Originally Posted by Servasky View Post
    Hello, i bought a g29 some days ago and this is my first wheel and racing game and i'm so lost with ffb settings.
    Hi there mate. May i offer you my settings for the logitech g29 from my previous post:

    Quote Originally Posted by RocketCat View Post
    I have the same wheel. My advise is to check this thread:

    My current settings for a g29 setup are:

    - Jack Spade Custom FFB File called "stan mid comp SopDiff" with a change for "(output (* 2.5 volume output))" to * 2.3.
    - Ingame its "Custom"
    - Gain "100"
    - Volume and Tone like its recommend in "Vol & Tone Balance List V2.1.3"
    - FX 15

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