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Thread: Wonder about closing thread

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    Wonder about closing thread

    I just searched for this thread I found a few days ago and realized that it was closed. Is there any reason why it was closed? I didn't read every comment, but I couldn't find any insults or anything like that. Okay, the review was a bit dubious, but I found some comments very interesting. Unfortunatley, such actions reinforce many haters. The mods should be careful not to be too restrictive. You also have to accept other opinions, even if they are partly unreflective.

    And yeah, I know, this has nothing to do with PCars 2, but there isn't any subforum to discuss such things. And yeah, here I get more attention as in the Off-topic forum. However, I would like to get a statement before this thread is also closed. I think a good discussion culture is important for such a forum. And just closing threads doesn't help.

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    This a moderated forum, but moderators nor SMS staff need to provide reasons for closing threads. At the end of the day, SMS is paying for this forum to exist.
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