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Thread: VR: Head stuck to shoulders - Environment moves while my head moves

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    VR: Head stuck to shoulders - Environment moves while my head moves

    I just installed the game. I got all my controls setup and options set and did a few laps. Things were great. I could look around the cockpit like normal. I played with a few other settings and now my head is stuck to my shoulders. When I try to lean forward or down to the ground, the height never changes. It's like my camera is stuck on a tripod no matter how i try to move. I can swivel, but I cant move. Did i accidentally change an option i wasnt supposed to? I tried looking everywhere. Maybe im missing something obvious?!
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    I think if it is in VR and working that should not happen.

    Try a reboot and see if it comes good. It actually sounds like a Sensor has gone to sleep. Ensure in Device MAnager in Windows that the Rift Sensors are set to not allow windows to put them to sleep.

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    Otherwise, if you don't know what settings you changed, try moving all the XML files out of the \Documents\Project CARS 2\ , and then restart the game and they will be re-created from scratch and should reset whatever you have changed.
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    Only time I've had that happen the sensor(s) were not working correctly according to the Oculus app.. pulling the plug and then plugging them back in fixed it (have to say it was a very weird experience!)

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