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Thread: [SOLVED] Game not detecting Logitech G27/G25

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    Just wanted to confirm that patch 3.0 fixed the problem for me. (post above)
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    after latest patch my g27 don't work at all. I tried reinstall logitech profiler but that didn't help. PC 2 is only game it's now working. Tried Assetto Corsa and wheel works fine there. Any help please?
    Nevermind that i got it to work. After several reboots it suddenly works now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Henstridge View Post
    Does the G27 detect and move as expected in the Windows USB/Game Controllers section???

    Also try the following ....

    Steam -> Settings-> Controller -> General Controller Settings -> untick all the options
    You are a life-saver!

    Just setup my wheel stand and pedals to get zero input from the G25. Spent a good while messing with the Logitech software, etc - but to no avail.

    I can't believe that something so simple actually works!

    Once again - thank you.
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    Posted this in another topic but maybe here, it will help some user.

    The G25 and the first G27, have a pooling range of 500HZ, they use a optic wheel with 60 slots and the latter G27 and the new models G920, have a 30 slots, so I suppose less pooling range.

    So I use the "-600hz" parameter, 140% of forces in the control panel, and in game with immersion, gain=100 Volume=between 60 and 77, Tone=90 and the last one 35-50, in some cars I surely feel wheel lighter in losses of frontal traction!
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    My G25 steering wheel stops working properly on PC2. During a race, the turning angle changes. Does anyone have the same problem? Any solution? The FFB also looks different. The only solution I found was to restart the game .


    After all, the problem is not the steering wheel, but the game. After a pit stop the game loads a different setup . It also happens randomly during during laps, Race, Qualify or Practice. I am driving and suddenly the game changes the setup.

    This game is full of incredible errors.
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