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    Quote Originally Posted by KANETAKER View Post
    Obvious ... it was a race of GT3, the most popular class of the whole PCars saga for A or B reason, on the one hand it is the lack of publicity and promotion of the other categories, in spite of the attractive announcements with content of the IndyCar (June 2017) or LeMans trailers (Spirit of LeMans DLC trailer), although maybe it's because of that combination of driving difficulty and relative speed of the GT3, because even the GTEs still do not get as popular as the GT3 in the Online Multiplayer.

    Let's see if I can explain it better: When you are going to create a GT3 lobby, it does not matter if you have a security filter or the level of skill points required to enter, you almost always have players available all the time. On the other hand, with less popular categories (especially fast cars, such as LMP1, 2, LMP1-H, Formula X, IndyCar, Group C, etc.), even though the lobby is WITHOUT ANY SECURITY FILTER (no license points activated), minutes or even almost 1 hour until at least one player is encouraged to enter the lobby ...

    Just in case, I speak of the version of PC / Steam, since apparently in consoles there are more players available for all categories.


    EDITED: The most worrisome is to see how despite the great promotion that was made to the last DLC (Spirit of LeMans) and the great reception it had, the Hype disappeared in only 2 weeks, and although at the time of taking these captures of screen are 18h00 - 19h00 in Europe there are few lobbies available on PC / Steam, being mostly GT3, while there are almost no rooms available with my favorite categories. I barely found 2 or 3 games but one of them is private, while the other has very few players and it shows that they are low level (slow) so it is not worth running against them (even if there were points) of activated licenses, I would not earn any point because of the huge difference in the license score). Also scheduled the race with a duration of 2 hours, just on a day and time when some (including me) have to work and obviously I do not have 2 hours available at this time (at most I can 1 hour, I am a casual player).

    Attachment 257111

    On the other hand, there is a game available in which there is a player (S1935) who apparently has a lot of patience to wait to see if any player that meets the exaggerated and high limit of skill points he had in his lobby , although I do not know if it is a "booster", because I almost always see him creating games in the same Daytona tri-oval, and he is the fastest in the World Leaderboard (top 1) with the Sauber C9 in that same track. Obviously any player who meets the requirements to enter that lobby is irreparably exposed to a loss and loss of points, unless there are more players available in the same room.

    Attachment 257112

    Attachment 257113

    I hope that the reason for the low number of players and lobbies available (at this moment and days) is due to the Soccer World Cup Russia 2018 factor (at the time of taking the screenshots was played the game Sweden vs. Switzerland) either by watching the game in TV or having traveled to Russia to watch matches live in stadiums.
    You totally missed the point.
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