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Thread: TAG name different in single player and online??

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    TAG name different in single player and online??

    Hi, pretty sure this is not a rig spec issue so I've not posted that but my player profile has been filled in and I gave myself the TAG of FIG. Unusually in single player and online, it comes up as DEV. I'm pretty sure I'm not a DEV so please can I ask if there is a simple solution.

    It doesn't matter what tag I put in it still comes up as DEV. In career mode having created a driver it shows as FIG but in all other single player (practice, race etc.) and online (time trial, multiplayer etc.) it shows as DEV. I have mentioned this twice in the post as it's driving me mad.

    Thank you for such a great game btw.

    Figaro 'The Blue Devil' - online persona and steam name.

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    I believe it is picking up DEV as if that is your surname in Steam. I have the same issue, I have edited my profile but my steam name shows up in everything but career.

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    Thank you, Tony, you're right. The 3 letters are taken from the first 3 letters of the last name of the steam name (or the first if you only have one name). Thought the game was going mad on me.

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