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Thread: plans to improve sounds on some cars?

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    Question plans to improve sounds on some cars?

    some cars sound great dont get me wrong but others just dont sound anything like the actual real car at all.
    iam just going to give 2 examples here.

    civic type r 2016 - in game its just your usual vtec sound because all vtec sound the same right? did you actually recorded the car? or just copy paste it from ariel atom in project cars 1?
    (i know youtube destroys sounds but there isnt any other way to explain better how the real car sounds)

    r34 skyline (now i know its tuned and everything but it just not exciting for a modified 600hp+r34) first of all it doesn't remind me of an rb engine, i actually don't know what it sounds like, its very generic car sound.
    if you were to close your eyes and and listen to the r34 skyline in game, would you know its rb engine? probably not.

    final words, SOUND IS VERY IMPORTANT! alot more then graphics imo. i was really looking forward driving those 2 cars but after i heard how they sound they ruined the whole experience.
    please if you can get better recordings of cars do so OR allow us to mod the sounds.
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