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Thread: [We know] No Pit at Nordschleife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genus View Post
    Is that in the ToS anywhere?
    I'll flip the question around... Where in any ToS does it require the manufacturer of a product to be at the customer's beck and call to answer any and all questions around design decisions for their product?

    I'll answer that for you, which is there isn't... There is no requirement for any product (software, hardware, food, etc) that the manufacturer is required to divulge any or all information around decisions they made to provide the produced product.
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    There is still no training and qualifying @ Nordschleife after the patch. There are many users who are doing most training and meetings @ Nordschleife. It's not the same with Nurburgring Combined, we will have our laptimes from Nordschleife only, to compare cars, settings and driving skills... like any manufacturer and driver does in the real world And I guess in all racing games it's the one of the most driven tracks for more than one good reason...

    I know it's a design decision, not a bug. I know you guys have a lot of other things to do now, and I don't need an answer to this post.

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    honestly, i'm loving the thing. hot tyres, push pedals and i go. could be a great option added in each track.

    also cause the lack of tire blankets as an option is bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J4M35_R View Post
    Very strange decision if this is deliberate. It's like having no pit lane at le mans. Hope it's a bug.
    Not at all strange. Le Mans is a permanent racetrack with pitlanes. Nordschleife was a permanent racetrack that also happened to be an open toll road. Now it isn't a permanent racetrack anymore. No pits. What we really should try to get working for the 3rd installment of that track would be the touristenfahrt layout with the carpark (and the roundabout).
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    agreed now a days there is only one series that does more than one race on it and its the VLN series other than that there really is only a hand full of races done on it. most of the other times its just test days and private test runs on the track.

    not to mention as iv said before if you really must run it with pits there IS always the option of firing up Pcars 1 and running it there
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    Come on guys? Seriously, what use is a racetrack without a pits? This is probably the most famous racetrack ever, featured in every serious sim to date.
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    While we're @ Nordschleife, how about nürburgring touristenfahrten? Would be great to sit on the parking lot, all different types of cars around, cars entering and coming off the track randomly. You could move around the parking lot checking out the various "rides". For when you are in a cruising mood or just want to play around.Not to mention going around the track.

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