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Thread: [KNOWN ISSUE] Intro trailer washed out

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    [KNOWN ISSUE] Intro trailer washed out

    This looks very washed out to me and not crisp. Almost as if it's got a non glossy but bright filter on it.

    I'm on ps4 but sure if this is the same on all systems. I've seen the intro on you tube and it looks brighter and sharper more lifelike and realistic. This looks like a video game. Don't get me wrong, the trailer is impressive but I'm convinced it wasn't meant to look as flat or low resolution as it is.

    The intro on pcars1 was photo realistic, this could be also if it didn't have the washed out look. Not sure if this is intentional or not but the same intro on you tube is not washed out and looks far more impressive.

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    Know Issue for PS4... It's because something with the HDR is Messing up...
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    Ah okay thanks. I'm using standard ps4 without HDR so it must be an issue which effects ps4 in general

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    Has this been fixed yet ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmboss View Post
    Has this been fixed yet ?
    Yes, coming in the next patch.
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