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Thread: Ai way to fast!

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    Ai way to fast!

    So Im doing the ginetta junior championship and have made it to the final race at brands hatch. I've been playing on 100 difficultly and it's been a great challenge but at brands hatch I'm 3.5 seconds of the pace. The ai are setting 1.42's!! The current time trial record is a 1.46!

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    I found that race really challenging as well, it's indeed more difficult than the other races in the championship. Not sure if I had to lower AI, I think not. I don't even remember in which place I finished but I do remember I came in leading the championship had a bit of a gap towards P2.

    Wait until you do round 2/5 of the Ginetta GT5 championship, that one is a total showstopper.
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