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Thread: Photo Mode, possible Imprvements

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    I would be delighted to see the following additions and updates to the already very good Photo Mode:

    - Add Invert Y-Axis option. After 20 years of playing with this I am finding it near impossible to adapt. I am 34 now and set in my ways!

    - Reduce the sensitivity of the Drone Camera movement. It can be very fiddly to place exactly where you want.

    - Add ability to switch between Landscape and Portrait orientations.

    - Fix the Filter Strength (Intensity) as it does not work. There is zero impact on the filter with this.

    - Add the steering wheel and driver back into in-car view for taming photos. I play with wheel and driver hidden and in-car photos look odd like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emsi View Post
    This one is probably impossible: If you take photo, it gets rendered in 4k, with max graphics, despite your current graphics settings or your resolution. Or this shouold be an option, cause it would probably take a minute. But this game looks so amazing and I am sorry for all the people, not having a good graphics card, that are limited to their graphics in Photo mode. Overwatch has made that possible, even in video format. That would be just awesome.

    I really don't think this engine is capable of that sort of thing. You still have to exit and restart the game just to initiate most graphical changes. Would be incredible if possible.

    Really, I would be more than pleased if PCARS2 would just render the photos at a much higher resolution like the photo modes available in other games and then downsample them to smaller size to help remove the visual aliasing, even if the graphical settings had to stay the same as the current gameplay. That alone makes a huge difference. I posted about this in another thread before finding this thread.

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