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Thread: Custom grid tool by Crowtrobot

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    Criticising design decisions of the game is not the right thread for this Ex01. Lets keep it clean and specific to this excellent mod ?
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    I guess than you are publishing a game (with the goal to generate profit) you must be sure to have the license to use certain designs or trademarks within this title. In Pcars 1, for example all cars had tires from a fictive manufacturer. If you look to the new title it seems that they could afford a license for pirelli labeled content. Or there is an other agreement that SMS was allowed to use the name. Without a financial interest publishing a special crew liverie/skin the rules are not so strict, maybe. So you always have to keep in mind : The price of production ist mostly paid by credits (crowd founding), so the day will come than these investors want there money back. If you spend to much for licensing you got less money for programming etc. . And than maybe get a good looking game that doesn't work at the end. Just my opinion.

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