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The Setups are stored on a per car base. Means all Setups for car A are stored in one Folder. All Setups for car B are stored in another folder.
Not the worst Approach, but far away from the best solution. At least as it is shown ingame.
To make things even worse: It is not possible to store a Setup with the same name for different tracks!
I like to name my setups "Dry_Race_nn" or "Wet_Quali_nn", etc. This isn't possible, although the are "saved" in different "folders".
In other words, something this would be perfect:
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But this is the status quo:
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To make this much more less understandable:
- The filenames tell us exactly nothing about the car or the track.
- The files are encrypted?
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Sorry These are some design decisions I cannot understand.
Why do you make it this complicated, SMS?
YES please