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Thread: Graphics & Frame Rate Issues

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    Graphics & Frame Rate Issues

    I've had to give up on this, I cannot see where I'm going clearly as the graphics are so bad (pixelated) and online, the frame rate, lag makes is unplayable.
    I'm so disappointed on how this looks on the PS4, that alone is enough for me to send it back, nevermind all the bugs once again. PC1 looked good, so how does this one look like it was built in 1999.

    Anyone else struggling with these issues?

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    I couldn't have said it better. I could not trust my eyes. No pCARSC Feeling any more. When set to autumn the grafic is worse than in spring. The 200...100...50 meter shields are difficult to see as the grafic is so pixelated.
    All in all i'm so disappointed but from PS Store i won't get a refund. SMS wanted to much and i doubt that all the bugs can be fixed.
    The Game makes no fun for me that's the point. For 100 EUR (Digital Deluxe Edition) that's not acceptable.

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    Online is next to impossible to use, due to the stutters and lag when people join / leave the session.

    Otherwise, the graphics look pretty good to me.

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