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Thread: [BUG REPORTS] What I've found so far..

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    [BUG REPORTS] What I've found so far..

    I just want to start out by saying the game is Brilliant and impressive in so many areas. SMS has created such a quality title with what seems to be a small budget compared to the some of the titles on the market. As many others have said, as soon as these early bugs are sorted it will be an even better title.

    Not trying to knock the game at all by listing these bugs. Just want to make sure the devs get visibility of these problems so they can fix them, just incase they weren't aware of them already. Some are small things, some are a bit more important. These are on the PC version btw. Some things listed aren't technically bugs, but required improvements.

    Anyway here goes... (in no particular order)

    1. In Controls->Edit Assignments I was unsure for a while how to remove an existing mapping and make it blank. I worked out you have to press Backspace. Maybe when you select something and it says "Please assign the new configuration", below that add something like "Use Backspace to remove mapping".

    2. When I remap Pause to a different key, the remapping works fine when I'm in car, but when it goes to the Pause menu I still have to use the original mapping to Un-pause. Pause and Un-pause should use the same mapped key.

    3. In Time trial on Bathurst, the cut detector on turn 1 is too strict. Getting your left side wheels on top of the ripple strip often triggers the cut detection/lap invalidation. It needs to be moved back a little as you should be able to use the ripple strip.

    4. In my Profile I have a username of Brado23 but set my initials to BTC (instead of the default BRA). When in a race (online or career), it continues to use BRA as my initials in the driver standings, etc.

    5. I joined an online race session that was already running and I was just spectating. I left the session as I didn't want to watch anymore and it counted as a Start and Non-completion in my license performance summary. Online spectating shouldn't be counted as an online start.

    6. My License Performance Summary says I have had 9 race fastest laps out of 12 starts for online racing. I know this isn't the case as I've raced against some people that were putting in laps a lot faster than me. The real value should be 2 or 3 so I think something is wrong in the counting of this.

    7. Chat window online - Have to reclick in the chat window everytime I want to type. It should maintain focus to allow typing until I decide to do something else.

    8. The default Kart Steering ratio is 5.4 degrees (or 5.4:1??) which makes it very difficult to turn. Even after ramping this up to the highest it is still very difficult to turn into sharp corners without forcing a slide. Don't know if I have something setup wrong, but I raced Rotax karts for 8 years and know it's not that difficult to get them through corners.

    9. When Browsing Online for servers, if I sort by the number of players, it allows me to do it twice only and then won't let you re-sort that column again after that, unless you sort another column and then go back to it.

    10. Online racing - after the end of qualifying there is no indication as to the number of laps of the race. That makes it difficult/impossible to know how much fuel to add in setups for races that have fuel usage enabled, unless you can remember it from the lobby.

    11. In the Controls menu setup windows, scrolling in the windows using the mouse scrollwheel is all messed up if the mouse if moved the slightest during scrolling. If scrolling in the window is taking place using the mousewheel, the mouse movement should be ignored.

    12. Using Immersive or Informative FFB on the Logitech G29, I couldn't get any sort of weight into the wheel by adding volume or damper saturation. Changing those values didn't seem to do anything. I could get some weight using RAW but would get bad clipping if doing so. The only way I could get weight into the wheel using Informative or Immersive was to set "Enable Centering Spring in Force Feedback games" and Centering Spring Strength" to 20-30% in the Logitech Gaming Software. Am I just doing something wrong, are we supposed to have the centering spring strength turned on or is it a bug?

    13. Everytime I enter online races my view seems to be reset. I have to constantly set it back to the cockpit view each time I drive out of the pits. It started doing this with time trials too.

    14. I live in a metric country (Australia) but we still use PSI for tyre pressures. Would be nice to be able to use metric in game but use PSI for tyre pressures. I know in my head that 10psi would be low for a tyre pressure and 45 is high but have no idea what equivalent values are in Bar without doing a conversion all of the time.

    15. There is a UI refresh bug for the Racing License that resets it to U rating temporarily - I've had confirmation that this has been recognised by SMS and a fix is coming in the next patch.

    16. When online and I click on another user to look at their license or compare, it often comes up with a sync error and fails.

    17. When connecting to an online Lobby, the "Vote to Start" is probably incorrect wording as you're not ready voting. Start, Ready, Connect or Join may be better depending on the specific scenario.

    18. I get lots of failed to join or disconnected messages when connecting to online servers. Hopefully this can be made a bit more reliable.

    19. Online Racing - The lap performance bar and comparison time that shows your speed and timing differences through all parts of the track whilst you are driving, seems to be broken in online racing (both dedicated and peer-to-peer). Either stops updating and/or comes up with strange values which aren't right (+35 secs on split etc on 2 clean laps).

    20. Dedicated Server - Empty dedicated servers appear with incorrect and jumbled values in the columns in the Online Server List. For example, Broadcaster and Director options showing when they are turned off, jumbled text in Remaining column, license grade and Vehicle class appearing as empty boxes, incorrect values for other fields.

    21. Dedicated Server - Dedicated servers not appearing in the ANY list - I'm pretty sure SMS are aware and are working on this.

    22. Dedicated Server - Race Dates and times that were set on the dedicated server are not displaying correctly in the Online lobby for the server.

    23. Dedicated Server - There seem to be a few issues with the dedicated server not reading configuration options successfully. Manual Pit Control setting doesn't seem to work. There is mention in the DS httpapi page that it is being renamed to PitControl from ManualPitStops so maybe something is broken related to something not being updated after changes to that. Also, the first rotation on the server fills the server with AI even although it isn't configured to use AI. I hear there are problems setting up multi-class events but haven't confirmed this myself yet.

    24. Dedicated Server - favicon.ico error in dedicated server console and log when browsing the httpapi web pages.

    Lastly, a suggestion for a future car in the game.... how about Ken Block's Hoonigan 1965 1400HP Ford Mustang drift monster!!?? This one would be lots of fun, check it out....

    Happy to talk to the devs on any of these in further detail if required.

    Whoooh... there goes an hour and a half of my life lol. Sorry for the essay but wanted to be reasonably thorough. Hopefully many of these are in the 5 critical / 20 small fixes that Ian Bell has mentioned are coming in the nearby patch and the remaining in another patch not too far off.

    Thanks SMS for a fantastic game. Keep up the great work!!
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    In Custom Race, during practice I can only get the pit to respond to a pit request once. Subsequent requests are ignored.

    Using DashMeterPro on 3 tablets in a glass cockpit. The main screen, with timing, fuel, gear and speed, runs reliably. The other two, with tire and brake data show activity for some data elements but not all, and the data shown is not accurate. Very likely an issue for the app's dev, but possible that the packets for PC1 Shared Memory are corrupted.

    All that said, PC2 is a great improvement at least as far as the eTron Quattro is concerned. The car handles as it should. In PC1 if you approached the limits the car would happily shunt you, no matter how radical the setup. Now I can drive the car much more aggressively through the chicane and la Source without the ever present fear I'm about to swap ends. I've dropped 3 seconds at Spa so far, into the 159s, without assists and an unfamiliar car setup. I note this evening the track limits have been loosed a bit.

    Thanks guys.

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    -Can't choose position at start (the game put me always first, funny)
    -ATH position 99/99 bug when it's minimal
    -Need to display FFB values when we use binded keys to incrase/decrase + add savefiles for FFB for each car (i can do it for you it's very basic programmation)
    -BUG display shadows popping/clipping flickering at loing distance, when it's close it's ok.
    -Shadows on windshield are awfull
    -BUg when we restart race after damaged car, car is still damaged, funny !
    -Crash bug on exit
    -Need to bind key to enter/valid actions in the menu for pit stop settings
    -Need to add more beautifull car thumbnails when we are at menu and choose car, 4k please.
    -Some optimisation, add sli compatible, i need to play triple 4K

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    silverstone national

    why is there a gigantic invisible wall right on the front straight? only shows up during races, not in P or Q.


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    Also, when set to imperial units, tire pressure still shows up as bar

    In HUD telemetry screen, on imperial units, Right front brake temp is labeled as Celsius but clearly Fahrenheit.
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    For myself and others, can't save over existing car set up file. Have to choose save to a new location, then you can save over that existing file by picking it, you just can't do it from the first menu, the quick & easy way.
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    when I map the escape key to the pause function it tells me there has been a double press (which there hadnsnt) and I cannot map that key, I use P instead.
    even though the setup does not have PSI, the simple tyre HUD does show in PSI. go figure.

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    Pitcrew not changing to wet tires when raining


    Watkins glenn
    10 min single race
    2 weatherslots sunny - heavy rain
    29 AI

    The pitcrew is standing ready with wet tires, but doesn't actually change my tires (pit settings are correct)

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    Gents, this is great info but this is not how we would like issues reported. If you want to report an issue, use the following steps:

    1. Search the forum using keywords for your issue. Verify there isn't a thread already started for your issue.
    2. If there is another thread, add your situation to the thread as more details always helps SMS diagnose issues.
    3. If there isn't a thread started, create one using a useful and descriptive title. Then add as much detail to the issue as you can in the body of the message, including screenshots, video or repo steps to help SMS and the staff understand the issue.
    4. Lastly, one issue per thread.
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