I have just started racing in Career mode.

I chose to start at Formula 3.5

Until now I have been in 3 races, and two of them with changing weather conditions - and AI is really "f*cking it up", leading me to win by a large margin.

Race length is 14 laps.

In the first race we had very cloudy weather at start, and I was automatically started on wet tyres - the AI must have started on slicks, because after the first two laps they pit, and change to wet as the rain hits us.

In the third race we started out in rain, and all started out on wet tyres. After 10 laps out of the 14 weather clears up, and AI goes to pit and changes tyres. As my tyres are not worn to a degree that they wont last the last 4 laps, I chose to stay out. I do lose 2 seconds to the AI on every last lap, but as I didn't pit that was no big issue.

I'm not sure what SMS can do about this - but something has to be done, as those races were pretty boring in the end.