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Thread: Texas Oval: Need Help

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    Texas Oval: Need Help

    I play on PS4 with a controller. I can't find a setup controller (or car) to succeed in driving with the Ford Fusion on this beautiful circuit. Either the car does not turn enough and I end up in the wall, either the car turns but the rear slips.
    Do you have any idea what to do? Thank you

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    It really depends. Could be as simple as needing to slow down more in the corners? Have you tried the in game crew chief thingy for adjustments to make the car better?

    You could also try adding downforce
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    I can't either. The car doesn't turn.. do you notice the car going slightly to the left during the pitlane? and straights.. seems to only happen in ovals for me.. i can't keep the car straight like the AI

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