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Thread: Custom HUD settings [Workaround]

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    Custom HUD settings [Workaround]

    First off, apologies if it's been mentioned already.

    - From the main game's menu: Options >> Gameplay >> Onscreen guides (tab)
    - Change default HUD setting to 'Light'
    - Load a circuit and follow the usual path to open the custom edit screen (the template now displays as 'light')

    - From the blank template enable and move the graphics around to suit your taste.
    - When finished, using up/down on the d-pad select 'save' (it will skip back to previous menu if the save is successful)

    That's it. A custom template for all vehicles (using any view) which doesn't randomly alter itself - ever.
    Hope this helps

    [edit] I've just checked and your custom layout physically alters the 'light' option within the HUD views - which means it's fixed and reselectable at any time.
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    thank you kind sir

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