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Thread: I picked up Forza 7 Today.

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    Does anyone else feel that some cars handle differently depending on the view used???

    The cover car Porsche is a great example.

    I've run about 20 laps of maple valley in test drive mode

    Chase cam it wants to oversteer on entry then push wide on exit unless you force it to drift then it does that beautifully.

    Cockpit, bonnet or bumper cam. It looses all the entry oversteer followed by understeer. And less willing to drift at all

    Chase cam = drift arcade style handling traits

    Other cams = more realistic traits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dai1y Br3ad View Post
    Forza 7 is great.
    I think it is an improvement. The career mode is much better than it was. The online racing is closer. The various modes and scenarios are good. I also like the layout and the new things such as crates and customisable drivers etc.

    Itís just kinda fun and cool. Thumbs up.

    £50 for one brand new circuit, 14 brand new cars, no class leaderboards and a multiplayer setup that's borderline pathetic doesn't exactly strike me as an improvement however I look at it. Tell me, once career mode is complete what exactly do you plan on doing with the game because beyond painting cars I see nothing in whatsoever in the longevity department. FMS7 is a sorry shadow of it's former self.

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    I've been passionate Forza player and run my site with Forza content, all my friends on xbox are through Forza and i have been on it every day since i got it almost two years ago. I can trully say that Forza has been a huge part of my free time for a long time.

    Non the less, i have dropped Forza 7, gotten a refund, and now focusing on Project Cars 2 and F1 2017 that i feel are the best racing options for Xbox at the moment. Need to figure out how to change my site for this huge change, but i look forward to the challenge, and am happy to get away from the bitterness that Forza 7 (or Turn 10.. not sure) was causing inside me.. I have been utterly disappointed, not so much at the game, but at the choices they've made...
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    The only reason I am on this forum, is because Forza was such a let down this year.

    I pre ordered the Ultimate, refunded it within 2 hours of game time. I knew this game was not made for me anymore, it's made primarily for solo players.

    Gone are the days of endless online hoppers based off X-C class racing, gone are the days of spending hour upon hour in Rivals mode (time trial) battling it out in PI class based hot laps. Gone are ease of use Leaderboards where you can jump to any track and any PI class in a matter of seconds. Gone is the freedom to build and race whatever you god darn please, against whatever your opponents please, which is sadly what made Forza, Forza.

    It is now ruled by homologation, which essentially makes it a strict class based racing game like every other racing game on the market. Not that thats a bad thing but I play Forza for those reasons, and I play Assetto for others.

    Diabolical Forza Motorsport game and not one big time review mentions this, which is embarassing to say when some are over 15minutes long and they dedicate 15 seconds to multiplayer.

    Got my £80 back the next day of asking for refund, based off their initial VIP scam, which they back peddled on thank Christ! Bought Project Cars 2 the same day and have been very happy with my purchase.

    I would honestly not recommend the game to any fan of the Motorsport franchise who plays competitively. Solo players can knock themselves out though, I am sure it is great.

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