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Thread: Multiplayer online lobbies do not refresh - very frustrating.

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    Multiplayer online lobbies do not refresh - very frustrating.

    Hello Fellow Project Cars 2 members,

    I am on Xbox One and every time I refresh the online lobbies they do not refresh. For instance if a game in the lobby says a race at Laguna Seca that is in "race" and has 5 laps to go, once I enter the game from the lobby, the race might be at Spa and it might be in qualifying or vice versa. I think you get the point.

    Add to this issue is that you never really know what race room have what race going on or what state they are in (race, practice, qualifying). This makes for a very frustrating online multiplayer experience.

    Anyone else out there having this issue?

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    I'm on PC and keep refreshing it myself, I don't think I've see it auto refresh.
    System: i5 750 @ 3.4GHz (currently stock 2.66GHz), 16GB RAM, (GTX680 GPU RIP) ,GTX 1060, Gigabyte GA/P55-UD5 Logitech G25 wheel (Falling apart),win7 64/ Win XP 32 SP3, all drivers upto date.

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    I'm a complete newbie here but I can't seem to find hardly any games to join... a bunch of empty "official" looking races/lobbies.... I try and create a race and wait around and no one joins... Am I doing something incorrectly?


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